President’s Message

Welcome to the Gulf Coast Area Alliance of Black School Educators (GCAABSE). My name is Marcus Higgs and I am honored and humbled to be selected to serve as the founding president of the relaunching of this great TABSE affiliate. Formally known as the Galveston Area Alliance of Black School Educators, GCAABSE has been re-launched to serve not just Galveston County, but also neighboring SE Harris County and Brazoria County.

GCAABSE is devoted to share responsibility for the quality of education of African-American children in our community. We will advocate to area superintendents and district leaders in our service area to overcome low levels of performance for our children. We will provide scholarships to our local students to further pursue their higher education goals. We will also network to assist our educators to maintain high levels of recruitment and retention in a time of unprecedented teacher shortages.

GCAABSE has approximately 50 financially active members and more are joining each day as we relaunch. We ask you to join us in our quest for excellence for our teachers, counselors, professionals, paraprofessionals, administrators and most importantly our African American students. Let us know how we can serve you and how you can serve us. We would love to have you join our team!

Marcus Higgs
GCAABSE Founding President

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